If you wanted to know about my personal side, this is your place. Here you will find family pictures, personal stories, bios, information about my friends, etc. Where I came from, what I did in the past, my hobbies, ideas, dreams, tastes, etc. This section will also include a few tools for personal use that may not be open to everyone: address book, family calendar, recipe notebook, etc.

Many of our family pictures for the enjoyment of our relatives, especially the ones who live far away. I have to acknowledge that most of the pics were taken by Leslie (my wife), since I'm a little bit of a slacker when it comes to holding the camera and actually doing something with it. This section will be hopefully updated quite often.
Family website, put together by my wife (Leslie). It mainly contains family pictures, and she is pretty good at updating it after every major event. She went through the trouble of putting together a section in Spanish as well as another one in English, so all our relatives can read it.
If you live in the USA you sure heard of this TV program, right? Everybody knows kids do indeed say the darndest things without much regard for social taboos. Well, here are some of my own kids' "darndest things". Hopefully, they will never get back at me for publishing these on the Web.
Resources to websites with information on topics covered by the Magic Tree House books. My kids are big fans of these books, and I found myself looking for related sites on the Web. Here is a good list of such sites.
Learning projects put together with the kids in order to learn (all of us!) some basic concepts about things like computers, information technology, scientific methodology, social research, etc.
List of links to different local resources in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area: schools, libraries, museums, zoos...
Enlaces a distintas fuentes de información locales del área de Sevilla, incluyendo museos, monumentos, directorios, etc.
One of my hobbies. Mind you, I'm not enslaved to the kitchen, and neither do I pretend to be an gourmet who likes fancy dishes. I just like to cook simple but delicious dishes. That's all.
Información sobre los vinos que voy bebiendo. No soy un experto en la materia, ni mucho menos. Se trata de un mero cuaderno de notas para recopilar datos sobre mis preferencias personales y poco más.
List of links to resources on anything related to lifestyle: eating, cooking, wine tasting, coffee, travelling, etc.